Manicure and Pedicure Training

The Secret Beauty Training Academy Edinburgh offer a range of nail training options to suit everyone. The Level 2 Certificate in Nail treatments would suit as an introduction into the beauty industry for someone looking to gain experience carrying out manicures and pedicures, applying false tips and adding nail art stickers and gems. This course can be completed at the age of 16 onwards.

The VTCT Level 2 Award in Manicure services covers full consultation, cuticle work, contra-indications, massage and completing a manicure service to a high standard, ensuring confidence after completion of the course. The Level 2 Award in Pedicure services covers the same topics as the manicure course but enables the student to carry out pedicure services on the client.

Over the years our trainers have seen many students fresh out of college who need more training. Sometimes the focus is always on the colour and the actual shaping or prep of the nail is overlooked. Here at The Secret Beauty Training Academy we are very passionate about ensuring our students can produce exceptional nail treatments. You will be shown how to shape nails PROPERLY and how to ensure polish lasts as long as possible. We also offer a gel polish course which after your manicure training only takes 1 day! Many of the techniques you are taught in basic manicures applies to a gel manicure and it is really just the application of polish that differs. French manicure finish will also be taught to a high standard in both polish and gel.